The Story of Onnua and Zaccheus

I was in seminary in 1975. For a class project, I wrote and performed my first Biblical monologue. Later, a Chancel play was written around the character. In the years that followed, I studied more of the women in the Bible and wrote many monologues that were performed as part of special programs and worship services. As the years progressed, I found woman who suited my age at the time. In the early years, I wrote and performed a pregnant Mary asking god to show her who the child she carried would become. In the later years, I wrote of the Mary at the cross.

Of all the monologues I wrote and performed, my husband’s favorite was always Onnua (long ‘u’ and a short ‘a’). I had named Zaccheus’ wife (he’s the wee little man in Luke who climbs the sycamore tree) Onnua. He often said that he would love to know the rest of her story. He wanted to know how they married, if they had children, and what happened next.

As his fifty-second birthday approached, I had no idea what to get him as a gift. He really already had everything he needed and we could never afford what he really wanted (a Mustang. Not the horse or the car, but the World War II North American P-51 Mustang fighter).

My husband and a friend needed to go to Mexico on business for a week while I stayed home to nurse my knee after surgery. It was at this time I decided that for his birthday (in two months’ time) I would tell my husband the rest of the story of Onnua and Zaccheus.

So the journey began.

When I gave him the wrapped manuscript, he was amazed! It was over one hundred pages long and bound by the local print shop. I believe his exact words were, “You wrote this? This whole thing?”

Well, it didn’t just jump out of the computer, did it?

After he read it, practically in one sitting, he said, “So what happens next?” This is when the real journey began, and in harness.

I hope you enjoy traveling with us on this journey.


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