Designing a Quilt

Designing a quilt is in many ways like writing a book. They both need concept to finished product. They are both creative processes. And they both tell a story.

This morning I was designing my next quilt project. Over the years my favorite young people have been gifted with a memory quilt for their high school graduation. This year the young man in question will be graduating from Amanda-Clearcreek High School. They are the Aces. So I diligently designed a wall hanging quilt that would have four aces on it in which I could embroider memories. Everything was fine until Beth got here and informed me that even though ACHS are the Aces you only see the spade.

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A quilt is like a story: it can be anything you want.

I had diligently put a heart, a spade, a diamond, and a puppy paw (club), and I wasn’t going to change it. My next dilemma is that the young man’s favorite colors are black and orange. And I personally think a red and black quilt would be stunning. But the Aces school colors are black and orange. What am I to do?

We moved here several years ago and I am still questioning why the local Tiger team is red and black (really) and the Aces are black and orange. In whose world does that make sense? When I ask those locals born her about the color situation, they respond that they have never questioned it.

But I digress. The young man’s quilt will have all four aces (because I want it that way) and will be done in, yes, orange and black.

Any writer will agree that writing a book is a series of choices. If writing historical fiction some of the choices are already made for you. If a book is a complete work of fiction, you are only bound by what the universe allows. Unless, of course, it is science fiction. All bets are off with science fiction.

Quilt making and book writing are both very personal creative processes. I love the planning, the thinking, the drawing or outlining, and the actual work of making the finished product. To see the finished quilt and to hold the published book are both very spiritual events.


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