Talking about Simeon

Talking about Simeon

The angels, the shepherds, and the wise men bring to mind the Nativity story. And unfortunately they elbow out one of my favorite Nativity figures, Simeon. Simeon shows up late in chapter 2 of Luke. He is an old man who is promised by God that he would not see death until he had seen the Lord’s Christ. And so he waits in the Temple for that day.

In my first novel, Promises, Simeon is not actually a character. His daughter, in storytelling fashion, tells about his encounter in the Temple with Mary, Joseph, and the baby. In my imagination—and in the novel—I give Simeon an extended family and a reason why God made him this promise.

Part of the reason I like Simeon is that God spoke to him. I also like Simeon because he was faithful to that message. In my imagination he went daily to the Temple to wait for that promise. I believe the reason God made him this promise is that he had faithfully studied the texts concerning the Messiah. He probably even prayed for the Messiah to come in his lifetime. Like Simeon, I believe that God is faithful to us when we honor Him and strive to follow Him.

Simeon was not one of the angels, shepherds, or wise men. He didn’t hear a song or follow a star. He heard the voice of God and believed.


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