Lunch with Jesus

creamychickensoup            One of the original story lines of Promises is that Jesus invites Himself to Zaccheus’ home for lunch.  In the book the character of Zaccheus’ wife is a little flustered by her husband bringing home, without warning, the most famous prophet of that time. I personally know people whose floors are clean enough you could eat right on them.  And these people would, if Jesus came to lunch, want a few minutes to “clean up” first.

            Let me first say, I am not a hoarder.  But I am a creative person and all of the things I do cause some clutter.  I write, I direct, I act, and I sew and do crafts such as knitting. And all of those things have clutter as a by product. And sometimes I do all of them at once. We also live with eight cats. And they shed.  But I think they also pull out clumps of fur and throw it about. I have actually caught them doing this and they suddenly start licking.  And I also do all of the above things with direct cat snoopervision.

            I believe in my heart that if Jesus came to our house today I would not worry about the clutter.  The people who love me come to my house to see me not to see if I am a good housekeeper.  I would welcome Jesus graciously as Zaccheus did.  I would hang on His every word as Mary did.  I would offer Him the work of my hands and seat Him at the cluttered table for a bowl of chicken sewage.

I think I should explain about the chicken sewage.  We have a friend who comes here and always teases me about the horrible things I feed him.  One of the things he hates the most is chicken sewage.  It is a cream chicken and rice soup.  I must force him to eat two huge bowls of it accompanied by fresh, homemade bread dripping in butter.  Then to finish the poison there is lemon meringue pie. 

            But I digress, again.  I believe that if Jesus came to lunch at our house, He would sit at the cluttered table and enjoy the soup and bread.  But He would not see the mess.  He would only have eyes for my husband and me.  Well, probably the kitties too as they are also His creations.  And I would know that He sees in my eyes and my heart how much I love Him.


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