Sympathetic Cats

cricketMy mother’s fondest dream was to have twins. Her mother had had a set of boys that unfortunately died in infancy. Her son, my brother, had a set of twin girls. This made my mother very happy. Mother had four children and one miscarriage. The miscarriage was her first pregnancy. It happened at home and her mother ministered to her. My grandmother told her that the miscarriage was a double sac which would probably have indicated twins.

Each time her next four babies were born, she cried. Yes, she was happy we were healthy and whole; but we were not twins. You must understand we were born way before ultrasound. Aside: as an adult my mother assured me she was glad there had not been two of me.

Apparently, my mother was very sick and sad after the miscarriage. She stayed in bed for several days. My parent’s cat was named Snoopy. She was a calico who had been born to Kitsibubber, my grandmother’s cat. Shortly after the miscarriage, Snoopy joined my mother in her bed. She cuddled in the crook of Mother’s arm much as one would hold a baby. My grandmother tried to remove Snoopy from the good quilt. Snoopy would have none of it. Mother and Grandmother compromised. Grandmother brought an old sheet to put under the cat. Except for eating and necessary trips, Snoopy stayed with my mother until she was up again. Through that whole time Snoopy stayed in the crook of Mother’s arm.

I do believe that cats can sense a person’s spiritual well-being. Snoopy knew that Mother needed comfort and was going to give her all she could.

As a child growing up, I always thought this was a sweet story. And all good stories should be shared somehow. And that is why I included this story line in Promises. Here is the excerpt.

A wave of nausea swept over Zaccheus as he placed the precious bundle in Hiram’s arms and ran to his bed chamber. Onnua was semi-reclined on the cushions, Cricket sleeping in the crook of her arm. He had been there since Seth’s death. Cricket did not rise to greet his master as he usually did; he only looked at him with large yellow eyes.

“Onnua, I should have been here!”

“You could have done nothing.”

Zaccheus gathered her in his arms. For a long time he held her thus, shushing her, soothing her, and mingling his tears with hers.

Much later Zaccheus reclaimed from Hiram the bundle of gifts that were for Onnua and Seth. He put them away against the day that he would have another child. Cricket stayed in the crook of Onnua’s arm until she was well and able to be up again.


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One response to “Sympathetic Cats

  1. Alison Pace

    Very touching story…I never knew that had happened to Grandma Hischke….but I know that cats do have a sense when things are wrong or you need comfort…they are wonderful creatures.

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