Lost and Found

_IGP5264I have a theory that if something in your home goes AWOL, if you replace it, you will immediately find the lost item.

Case in point. Shortly before Christmas, it dawned on me that I had not seen or worn my navy blue slacks for several weeks. This was a problem. Since blue is my favorite color many of my sweaters go with those slacks. And here we were in the middle of sweater season and no navy blue slacks.

I looked everywhere for them. I went through all of my drawers. I rearranged Robert’s entire cupboard of shirts and things. (I did find two missing sweatshirts.) As I continued to look I realized that my maroon turtleneck was also missing. Not as much of a problem as it only goes with two outfits.

I said to Robert, “I need navy slacks. But if I replace them, the minute I do, they will turn up.”

The second Sunday in February in desperation, I finally ordered from my favorite catalogue a new pair of navy slacks.

No, the missing slacks did not show up the next day.

Friday came and my new slacks came in the mail.

Still no missing slacks.

On Saturday, my local urchin came to help. I pay her a little bit and she helps around the house. She especially likes to help with baking. There was company coming on Sunday so she helped me neaten up the house. I asked her to put away the coats that never seem to find the coat closet. They all land on the newel post of the stairs leading out of the kitchen.

After she left I did some sewing and then got dressed for a church dinner that evening. I put on my new navy slacks and a pretty blue and white sweater.

NOT five minutes later I looked up at the newly empty of coats newel post and saw something navy blue and maroon. WHAT? I walked over to it and there were my missing navy blue slacks and maroon top.

See, I told you so. If you replace it- it comes back. (So where are my Garmin and spring jackets?)


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