Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

crazycatMy niece’s brand new husband was travelling for work and found something he thought I might like for my birthday. He called her from wherever he was to make sure that if he bought it, it wouldn’t offend me. She confirmed I would probably find it cute.

They presented it to me at Easter since it was the first time we’d seen each other since Christmas. We laughed until we almost hurt ourselves. Let me tell you about the gift.

It is a seven inch plastic action figure. It is a blond woman, like me, in a robe. There is a cat in one pocket and another draped around her neck. There are also six individual cats in different poses. All but two of my seven were represented. The best feature on the action figure is the bug-eyed stare.

Was I offended? Not even a little bit. Was it me? Oh, absolutely.

Who knew that being slightly crazy and having cats qualified you for your own action figure?

So what does this post have to do with Promises? Love in family and friendships is very important to me. I believe all my books reflect that love. Not only does my neice “get me” but she loves me. Why else would she just know that I would adore this gift.crazycat2


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One response to “Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

  1. kelly b

    I just have one, but it’s enough to make me never want to have children. Don’t tell anyone that though…

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