Book Cat Moves into the House

Approximately two weeks after Promises was published and in my hands,susanandcricket the cat in the book named Cricket showed up on our doorstep. It was late September and Robert was sitting out enjoying his garden. He heard a commotion at the bird feeders. (We set up three bird feeders outside a side window for the entertainment of the indoor kitties.)
He looked over at the feeders and underneath them was a kitty stalking the birds.

Robert said, “Hello, kitty.” The little, apparently orphan, cat put its tail in the air and walked over to greet him. They conversed for a few moments. He was struck by the fact that the cat looked exactly like I described the cat in the book. He came in to get it some food and water, for it looked awfully thin. He called me out telling me Cricket had just shown up. I came out and watched as the kitten devoured a bowl of food. It was indeed as I had described the cat in the book: a tawny cat the color of honey.

The kitten came daily for food, water, and affection. By the end of the week it was living here. By the next week SHE had been to the vet and was living inside. Her full name is Cricket Serendipity Valentine. She is pictured with me on the back of Passover Promises.


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