Rascal (you are in so much) Trouble Dumplin’ Feathers

Sometime in April four years ago, someone put a pregnant cat in our closed garage. (I will not get started on my feelings about this.) She loved to sleep on my brother-in-law’s Lotus, that also lived in our garage. So we called her Lotus.

Shortly before her time to give birth, we moved her to the screened in porch. We gave her a cozy little bed, food, water, etc. On the morning of May 14th, exactly four years ago this coming week, she gave birth to a stillborn kitten and two little boys.Rascal and Beardsley

On day two I picked up one of them to see if it was okay. It said, “keek, keek.” I think it was trying to hiss at me. Keek, keek was the best it could do. I said to it, “Oh, I’m scared. I better put you back.”

Soon they were out of the nest tumbling about the floor. At this point in time I wasn’t sure what they were. My husband Robert called them “the little chubbies.” I called one Dumplin’, it was the one that was black with a milk dribble of white down its chin and became a white blaze down its belly. The other one was Muffin. It had a full white chin turning into a blaze.

Dumplin’ was the instigator. He could think of more things to get into. He and Muffin chased about, wrestling, biting, and generally being in mischief. Marauders in fur.

At about three weeks, Dumplin’ got his first mouse. He would growl if his brother got near it. He had the time of his young life, the mouse did not. His mother resting on the floor gave him instructions.

Dumplin’ turned into a long haired beautiful cat that we called Rascal (You are in SO Much Trouble) Dumplin’ Feathers. His brother, Muffin, went to live with friends in Indiana and was renamed Beardsley. He has also turned into a fine handsome animal. Their mother, Lotus, now lives with a widow from our church and was renamed Donna.

So Happy Birthday Rascal and Beardsley.


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  1. Melissa Kennedy

    Susan, I have been enjoying your stories. Please post a picture of Rascal! Also, thank you for including me in the Mary Jane birthday celebration. Love Melissa

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