Taming a Feral Cat

Early in June, I was in the computer room. It was five years ago.Bonnie Blue Butler Valentine The computer room has a window looking out onto the screened porch. I heard a screeching and looked out the window. Outside the porch was a very tiny white kitten. And it was making the baby kitten sound that indicates that it is crying for its mother. I jumped up and met Robert at the door. He was also following the sound. We went outside and looked around but the kitten had disappeared into the yard somewhere.
This worried me. We have owls and raccoons and other predator types that would find a tiny kitten a wonderful meal. But it was gone.

We saw it again for two days but could never get outside quick enough to rescue it. We put out food and water and it was disappearing. On the fourth day the little mite climbed to the top of the porch screen and hung there screaming. By the time I got outside it had climbed down and I knew it was hiding in the hostas by the side of the house.  I could see it hiding under the leaves. I reached in and plucked it up. I regretted this move immediately. That tiny ball of fur turned into live barbed wire; screeching, clawing, and biting. It took the longest twenty seconds of my life to get it to the porch, close the door, and let go. It scuttled off and I went into the house to take care of my wounds. The peroxide was upstairs so I stopped at the workroom to tell Robert the infant was on the porch.

He asked,”What sex is it?”

I was bleeding in three or five places onto the floor and said, “Gee, I didn’t think to look.”

After some administration of some peroxide and some iodine and a few band aids, I went back to the porch. It was gone. Seriously a closed, screened in porch and it was gone. I looked in all the nooks and crannies and under all the porch furniture. I finally found it between the wall and litter box that was out there for the other kitties. It was cowering and looking at me with big blue eyes.

We made the porch off-limits to the other kitties. We made sure the litter box was clean and the little thing had food and water. The new little mite found all sorts of places to hide. We spent a week on the porch eating, talking and putting together a puzzle, so it would get used to us. The day I brought out smoked turkey, it actually came to me and ate from my hand. Still no other contact but at least it wasn’t such a wild thing. It even discovered the cat tree.

A week after it came inside, Robert’s cousin and his daughter came for the weekend. Aubry spent a great deal of time playing with the kitten. Strings, chains, and other little items were lots of fun. Sunday night the kitten got tired. It came over to me, stretched out on my chest, and went to sleep.

A week later we were at the vet and it became a she named Bonnie. The vet said at most she was four weeks old.

Her first night in the house she got in bed with us. She stretched out on my chest, kneaded my face and neck, and suckled my earlobe. We designated her birthday May 14th. And a year later Rascal was born on that day. Five years later she is still kneading my neck and suckling my earlobe.


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  1. I always knew Marbles was a wonder. He was a feral kitten, as you know, and tamed overnight after being fed and kept warm in our bathroom.

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