Promises Series Writing Update

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve talked anything about the novels. Book Three

Preliminary color sketch cover of Forgiving Promises

Preliminary color sketch cover of Forgiving Promises

is moving toward production. I personally hope it will be available by the end of June. (but I also hoped it would be available by last Christmas.)
Robert proofed the book once and I proofed it twice. But I would lay money on the fact that when the galley comes there will be other things to correct.

The interesting thing about Book Three, Forgiving Promises, is that it is actually Book Two. When Robert first asked me after reading Promises, “What happens next?” I had envisioned just one more book. The first chapter of Book Two was supposed to be about the Passover.  But the story was longer than one chapter and became a book, Passover Promises. So the story line for the rest of Book Two became Book Three, Forgiving Promises.

Unbeknownst to me while writing Forgiving Promises several young people got left alone in a room together. And when you leave young people in a room together…well the obvious happens. And sure enough pretty soon I was writing Love Promises. So when Forgiving Promises is finally in print, we will begin production on Love Promises: front cover, back pictures and text, etc.

One of the things that I tried to do when writing these books is to have the story telling sections be relevant to the story. For example, in Passover Promises Bernice tells the story of a Passover when her children were growing up. Because she named her children for the Moses stories they all have sections they get to act out. And as typical children, there are disputes. My cover illustrator, Dale Herron, and I have been in discussion about making that section into a children’s book. It even has a working title: The Great Passover Pageant.  If we ever did this it would make a great companion to Passover Promises.

The writing of Books Four and Five is finished. I am working on the text of Book Six. Book Six was supposed to be the last book. But oddly as I write I feel that there might be a need for a Book Seven to tie up all the story arcs. So, what began as a birthday gift of one book for Robert to tell him the rest of Onnua and Zaccheus’ story has turned into a real journey. And as a really good journey should, who knows where it will end? And if during the journey the story of God’s Son finds the hearts of the readers, then the journey was worth it.


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