The Difference Between Dogs and Cats

There are cat people out there and there are dog people out there. And theredogcat are some who go both ways. Sort of AC/DC (Adore Cats/Dog Charmed). I am sort of AC/DC because I have had both dogs and cats in my life. Right now I only have cats because they are easier to manage in my present lifestyle. But I am aunt to five dogs so I can get a dog fix.
There are distinct differences between dogs and cats. Which is why there are some people who go one way or the other. Take their tongues, for instance. Dogs’ tongues are like partially “set up” jello. Cats’ tongues are like being licked by the hook side of velcro.

Or the collective mind of cats and dogs. At my sister-in-law Carolyn’s house there are five dogs. I believe that they collectively think of themselves as “the dogs.” In other words, “We are the dogs.” At my house there are eight cats. And each and every one of them is “THE cat.” So they are collectively a household of eight “I AM the only cat” cats.

Dogs look at their owners and reflect, “They feed me, they walk me, they brush me, they talk to me, they let me sleep in their bed: They must be gods.” A cat (because no matter how many there are they are the only one) looks at its owner and thinks, “They feed me, they play with me, they brush me, they talk to me, they let me sleep in their bed: I must be a god.”

Of course the above paragraph has one fallacy in it. Whereas dogs have owners, cats have staff.

As far as lap sitting goes, cats are generally the ideal size for lap sitting, lap washing, lap sleeping, and lap purring. Whereas dogs, no matter their size, believe that their owners want them in their lap, even Great Danes.

Most people with half a brain would not try to break in and rob a home with five dogs about. Or for that matter one small barky dog. Cats are not that type of deterrent. If a burglar pet and fed a cat the cat would probably point out the best stuff. They don’t care.

Carolyn’s dogs have a thing called EGD. That is Excessive Greeting Disorder. If you walk down to the mail box, when you return you will be greeted as if you had been gone for a week by “the dogs.” Cats on the other hand like you to be home but will not be effusive about greeting you. And if you’ve been gone on vacation you might even get a cold shoulder when you get home. I was away on an Air Force mission. When I got home my velcro cat, Shadow, sat halfway up the stairs and glared at me over his shoulder. How dare I be gone for so long. Of course he was attached to me like an umbillical cord for the next three days.

Of course dogs and cats both love to be rubbed and petted. But cats purr. Although I did hear once about a puppy who was suckled by a nursing mother cat. Later in life whenever that dog was petted it made a soft grring sound. apparently it was the best it could do to mimic the mother and kitten purrs.

Whether you are a cat lover or a dog lover or AC/DC, pets are truly a gift from God. For how else can we pet the tiger and the wolf?


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  1. John Westenhaver

    Superbly worded Susan, I love reading your blog posts. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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