Tribute to the Straubs

This Sunday is the retirement party for a pastor friend of mine. In fact hismickeyT endorsement is on the back cover of Passover Promises (Hard Cover only).  I do not know when I first met Brian and Kat, but I fondly remember the Junior High camps we worked together.
I was always in Girls Cabin 3. One year the whole girls area was called Daughters of Eve because we were studying The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Brian was a stickler for cabin clean up. Shoes had to be neatly placed under the neatly made beds. Towels had to be even at the bottom. Floors had to be swept. But he was not above bribes. Cookies were a big hit. He didn’t care what we had out as long as it was neat. So one day my girls made him a banner of their bras. During noon comments about room clean up he thanked us for our lovely banner. He did not tell everyone else what it was made of.

Before I tell you about the funniest thing that happened at camp I want to thank Brian and Kat for a special kindness. It was three weeks after Toby, my first husband, passed away and about a week before Christmas. Brian and Kat called and asked if I would like to come and spend a few days with them. (They had known Toby too as he had also been a camp counselor.) It was a lovely three days of healing and the joy of being with good friends. I shall always remember them for this.

There were two camp incidences that stand out. The first was the hot day we had a water balloon fight. We gave the boys a bunch of small balloons and girls an equal number of balloons. They filled them and had at each other. We counselors also had balloons. But ours were nearly gallon sized. We didn’t have very many, but they counted. Every one went back to their cabins wet and happy.

The second incident happened while we were waiting for the cafeteria to open for evening meal. We were all gathered outside waiting. And one of the other counselors was telling funny stories. That day Kat and Brian wereminnieT wearing matching Mickey and Minnie T-Shirts. The counselor had them act out one of his stories. He narrated and would whisper to them their lines. It seems that one day Minnie got all dolled up. She had a new dress and had her hair and nails done. She looked so fetching she decided to visit Mickey. She decided to take a short cut through the wheat field. While she was walking she heard a sound behind her. A combine was coming right at her. Voompa, Voompa, Voompa. Minnie began running. The combine gained on her. Voompa, Voompa, Voompa. She ran faster.The combine was right on top of her. Voompa, Voompa, Voompa. It snatched her up, passed her through, and spit her out the back. She crawled the rest of the was to Mickey’s house and knocked on the door. Mickey opened the door to see Minnie bleeding and torn. “Minnie, Minnie what happened?” The counselor whispered the reply to Kat. In the next second she was on the ground laughing her socks off. We’re laughing at her but we still haven’t heard the punch line. When she finally got it back together and stood up, Minnie said, “Oh Mickey, I’ve been reaped.”

Congratulations on your retirement, Kat and Brian.


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