Oy, what a day I’ve had today

“Oy, what a day I’ve had today.”

Oy, what a three days I’ve had the last three days. Nobody wakes up on a Thursday morning expecting such chaos, mayhem, and strange turns of events will befall them in three days.

Robert and I went to the doctor and got the stitches out of his arm and the doctor declared my leg healed. I went to work and put in my two hours. I came home about 5:30pm. Robert wasn’t home. He had gone to Chad’s house to play. No really, they play guitars together. I sat down to think about dinner and suddenly realized I was having a heart event. My heart was racing way past a normal rate. I got out the blood pressure cuff, but five times I could not catch a blood pressure or a pulse. I decided the hospital was a good thing to do. So I called Alice who lives around the corner and left a very cryptic message on her answering machine. Then I called Beth and begged her to take me to the hospital. While Beth was on her way I grabbed the keys, locked the door, grabbed a magazine, and my ID and sat by the back door to wait for her. I still could not find my pulse. I left a cryptic message on the door for Robert. “Hospital. Heart Event.”

At the ER my pulse was about 145 and the docs gave me some medicine to make it move down, but it would not cooperate. An over night stay was decided. And I was sent upstairs to a bed. Friday AM I was whisked into an ambulance and transported to Columbus. I had not been allowed to eat anything because they were not sure what they wanted to do. By the time I got to that hospital my pulse had finally gotten to 60 with the help of Heperen. They had already looked at my charts and decided not to do the test but to forge ahead and do the pacemaker. Since I was an emergency add-on they started at 4:30PM and by 6PM I was in my room with a sore chest and a pacemaker happily doing its thing inside me.

Saturday morning they gave me instructions and as soon as Robert got there I could go home and I should get dressed. (Easier said than done.) Putting on a bra and an overhead shirt is not an easy task. The more interesting task was my white slacks. They had gone AWOL. Somehow they had been collected with the white laundry and so the nurse found me totally dressed except just panties. I knew I should not go home like that. She brought me a pair of pajama bottoms which were not the best solution but at least I was covered. Thank goodness because our adventure was far from over. We all got to the car and started off.

We got to the north end of Circleville in my four-month-old Passat. I was half asleep in the passenger seat. And poor Robert, who had been running to hospitals for three days, winked out. We killed a perfectly good fire hydrant, mangled poor little Topaz, the Passat, scared the bejeebies out of the three reindeer we had with us, and I wound up in the emergency squad taken to Berger Hospital where this whole thing started Thursday night.

Robert stayed with Topaz until she was taken off to the dealership where we all pray she will be okay. Our friend Alice came and picked him up after another cryptic call, but she was home this time. They checked out my sternum which left my whole chest sore not just the upper left quadrant where the pacemaker was still happily working away. Alice got us all some lunch and since I was out of eminent danger I was sent home.

Oy, what the last three days have been. We thank God no one else was hurt. And I didn’t have to spend a third night in a different hospital.

To all my friends and family who are receiving this I am okay except being sore. And Robert is okay.

PS Has anyone seen my white capris?


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  1. Carolyn

    Yikes, that is enough drama for a year! Glad you and Robert are ok, sorry Topaz got munched.

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