Why I’m a Trekkie

My husband Robert had three events in a 10 day period. There was Father’s Day, and the next day surgery on his arm, and then the next week he turned 65. (Welcome to Social Security)

So I got him one nice gift for all of them. I got him Season 1 of THE ORIGINAL SERIES. Now some of you out there will know exactly what that is. For the rest of you infidels, that is Star Trek. He was very pleased with his gift because we have been Trekkies for a very long time. But neither of us had seen any of these episodes for twenty years. But we remember them. We have also seen all the movies.

Sidebar: We saw Star Trek (2009). Before we went to it we needed to make Star Trek uniforms for all the reindeer kids. This was actually Beth and Leah’s idea. They had purchased a sewing machine a year earlier and wanted me to teach them how to use it. We made eight little uniforms (we were not intending to pull Santa’s sleigh). We made three yellow shirts, three blue shirts, and two red shirts. None of the reindeer wanted to wear the red shirts. All you Trekkies out there will know what I mean. This summer they put them on again and we all went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. (We used earrings for comunicator badges to make them authentic looking.)

Continuing: I had forgotten how buff and good looking William Shatnerbill was back then. You see, I had never seen Star Trek when it was on Prime Time. I only saw it on re-reuns. So, when I actually met William Shatner and he asked me out, I had no idea who he was. I was doing a play at a summer theatre with Van Johnson and this guy named Bill kept hitting on me when I came in for rehearsals. One night after our show he was introduced to the audience but I could not see him from where I was standing in the wings. The next day my friend Bill complimented my acting work and I still didn’t put it together. I must have been slow on the uptake. I never did go out with him. What was the point? He was a summer trooper and would be gone soon.

It wasn’t until that fall when I saw him on TV and someone told me he was William Shatner. I was probably one of the only people who ever said no to him.

Go see Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s a fun ride. The reindeer are lobbying to see it again. They’ll probably get their wish.


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