Birthing a Book

Book three is practically in publication. We are waiting for the cover to be finished. It is going to be really pretty. When all the parts are sent in I will get proofs and within weeks, the books._IGP5355

Sidebar: Producing a book is a lot like birthing. You spend a lot of time working on all of it and then waiting in the “waiting room” for its arrival. Which reminds me my niece Alison has just announced her first pregnancy. I hope book three gets here before her baby. Congratulations Adam and Alison and grandparents on both sides.

Even while getting book three ready for publishing I am writing book six. And I have discovered the best place in the world to write. I am a docent at the Ted Lewis Museum in Circleville. And when I do a four-hour shift I take my computer and have four hours (unless I get visitors) to write.  This has made me very focused and I love what is developing in book six. Now book six is either the last book and will be called Promises Kept or it will be the penultimate book and be called Finding Promises.

When I wrote Promises, the first book, I had no idea how many books there would be. Book three is really Amos’ journey. And during his journey young people got left in a room together. So book four will be Love Promises. And even though I hate romances this one isn’t too syrupy. Prison Promises is number five. Number five is a little more gritty.

I have placed some interesting pointers and plants in book six. And last week at the museum I rewrote one section because I did not think, “the dawning of Fidelia, daughter of Jathar, had enough impact.”

Maybe, dear reader, you can help me with a small dilemma. Each book has its own symbol in the lower right corner of the cover. The first book, a sycamore leaf. Book two footprints and lambs. Book three a cross. Book four (obviously) a heart. Book five, Prison Promises, is a rose. And when you read it you will understand.  If there is only one more book, book six Promises Kept, a key will be the symbol. If Promises Kept is book seven, I still need a symbol for Finding Promises. Since book six is being dedicated to friends and family lost to cancer I had thought the pink ribbon (but not all the honorees died from breast cancer) might be appropriate. But is that a copyrighted symbol? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For those of you who have been faithful blog readers and readers of my books, thank you. We hope to have Forgiving Promises in your hands very soon.


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