Learning About KADS

You may all be aware of a disorder common to dogs, it is called EGD. This is commonly known as Excessive Greeting Disorder. If you live with dogs you will understand that even stepping out to get the mail, when you return you will have a pack of animals expressing EGD as if you had been gone for weeks.

That being said, let me tell you about a common disorder among cats. First of all they do not do EGD. The longer you are gone the more they will punish you when you return. (After a trip, Shadow would sit on the top step and look over his shoulder at me with disdain.)

What all cats have in common is KADS. This is commonly known as Kitty Attention Deficiency Syndrome. Each cat in the known world knows how much attention they need each day and they will force you to administer it. Even if it’s the middle of the night.

Example: last night I got up for a moment in the middle of the night. When I returned to bed, Rascal joined me. He was all over me like a rash. If I stopped stroking him he used his head to get my hand back in action again.

Last night two of them had KADS at the same time. Sabrina was sleeping in my lap and Jazzy was sleeping on my chest and both of them wanted their fair share of petting.

Robert has to take care of Scrapper’s KADS needs. Scrapper greets him at the door (a little EGD going on there, but don’t let him know we know.) He then leads Robert into the house, jumps on the corner of the table, and expects his fair share of attention. He also gets on the bathroom sink for an extra dollop of attention.

Bonnie gets her KADS attack needs handled in her own way. From the day she first came in the house she would knead my neck and nurse on my ear. She is five now and except for the nursing part she still does this. She puts her face against mine and purrs and kneads and I stroke her and stroke her.

Whereas Cricket likes to cuddle, Wesley wants my whole lap and whole attention. He will fall asleep nestled against me getting soft kitty lovins._IGP5206 

Whereas dogs do EGD and certainly have DADS (Doggie Attention Deficiency Syndrome) cats are better at KADS than anyone. And don’t deny them. That would be a mistake.





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