Bumps, Bruises, and New Books

Dear Blog readers.  After too long a break, it is time to start writing again.  Why did I wander off you ask.  Well, in August my leg went south, the one that was broken in 2011.  After swelling and infection and fluid drainage and finally surgery (to remove the erector set that was in there to hold the break together) and then more infection and healing by November I was thinking I had actually gotten well.  A week before the appointment, where I was sure I would be told I was well, I went from the frying pan into the fire.

I had a wedding to go to and actually felt like going!  So I put on my favorite blue sweater with the embroidery and beads and went out the back door.  As I stepped on the top step I felt my leg explode under me.  I had the presence of mind to sit down rather than go face first on to the garage’s cement floor. Which is where the gift went flying.  So there I was laying half out of the door and half in the laundry room.  So I called for Robert and had a good cry.  I was not crying because it hurt – which it did—but because I was so frustrated that it was starting again with a brand new brake in a different spot on the same leg.  Then we had to keep the cats from going out… an open door is a reason to explore.  And, “Mom, why are you on the floor?”

EMS finally came and decided that I needed to be put in a brace to move me more easily.  But to do that they needed to start an IV of morphine.  “We’ll just cut this sweater off!”  Over my dead body you will!  I did some wiggling and saved my favorite blue sweater with the embroidery and the beading.  They finally got me in the ambulance and I swear to you that 10 minutes to Berger was the longest 10 minutes of my life.  I felt every jar and bump on the way.  Two days later they did surgery and put another erector set in my leg.  This one is permanent.  I have enough spare parts and replacements and metal in me that I should be Darth Vader.

Then came the holidays and I was very lucky that I had bought enough balls of yarn to make everyone on my list…the girls anyway…scarves for Christmas.  I made 29 of them.

Well, the holidays are behind us and I am almost well again and it is time to blog and the reason I started this blog was to tell you the good news.  In the midst of all this I managed to complete all the work to get book three of the Promises series ready for publicationForgiving Promises is ready for purchase.  And this was no easy feat.  I went through at least 7 check-in coordinators in the process.  And three of them were in one week.  And the ones who got early stuff sent in did not share it with the later ones so I had to send things multiple times.  And then the mess with the cover.  A local man does the covers for me.  He sent in the file and the production team futzed around with it and even when I explained it in plain English they could not see what I wanted them to do.  Well, OK granted all the stuff was being sent to the Philippines – maybe plain English is not spoken there.  What part of, “Print it exactly like he sent it,” was so hard to understand?  Well, after multiple explanations, they finally managed to get the cover right.

To wrap this all up, I am getting well.  The book is ready to purchase and we have a new year ahead of us.  See, things do turn out OK.


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