It Must be Spring: New Life is Everywhere

adamhenryHave I told you I have a new great-nephew? He was born the day after his due date of January 10th. He weighed in a few ounces under seven pounds. He is named Henry after his great-grandfather and Adam after his dad. He has all the appropriate pieces and parts. And seems to be a healthy little mutt. We got to meet him a few weeks after he was born. And I could tell he loved his Aunt Susie right away. He seems to be  a very good baby. And I personally believe that he will not want rice cereal for his first “real” meal but rather  macaroni and cheese.

His mother is the aficionado of all things macaroni and cheese. So it wouldn’t surprise me if that became his favorite food too.

Little Henry is my brother Bill’s first male grandchild. Bill has three sisters, and then, three daughters, and then the oldest daughter gave him three granddaughters. Little Henry is not the first Hischke family male grandchild, but the first for Bill. My younger sister’s daughter has a son. So Matt was my parents’ first male grandchild.

I have seen a lot of new daddies react to their new children, but Adam is so engaged with his child. I am surprised that Adam hasn’t kissed this child’s face right off of his head. It seems like he’s gob-smacked over the miracle of this tiny life as if it were the first child born anywhere. (Well his dad is Adam after all.) And mother Alison, so beautiful, nursing, patting, rocking, loving this new little child.

PS- There’s a scene in my new book where the character Amos sees a new mother nursing her child. He realizes with great sorrow that not once did he see his own wife nurse any of their three children. How could he have missed something so natural, beautiful, and perfect?

alisonhenryIn two weeks Robert and I will go to Michigan to be there for little Henry Adam’s christening. Little Henry was born of God and of love and now he is being dedicated back to God.

The most interesting part of this story is that shortly after Alison and Adam announced that they were infanticipating, Alison’s twin sister Erica and her husband Matt were also in “the family way.” Their due dates were 40 days apart and they were both expecting little boys. We even had a group shower for the twins.

After I wrote paragraph three of this blog I called my brother to see if there was any activity in Texas concerning the latest grandson. It is after all about 40 days since Henry joined us. And today is the due date for Erica and Matt’s child. William Graham arrived early this morning, right on his due date. Hi new little great-nephew! We are so grateful to God for these new little lives and pray that God will continue to bless them as they grow together as families.


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    pretty interesting article, thank you for sharing your friends!

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