Time For Another Book Signing

It’s been almost two years since my last blog and my last book signing. Since then two more books have come out, and I still have not eaten one mouthful of Spam. Robert and I passed a poor little dead mink on the road the other day and had a long discussion about little Spam animals. They are larger than mink, and according to Beth very tasty. I wouldn’t know. See line 2.

Enough about Spam. You can always read my earlier blog.

On April 9th, Studio One, where I work, will host another book signing. Some of the same people will be there and some new ones. I will have five books of the Promises Series available. Pat Beathard will be offering her book on one room schoolhouses. Dale Herron will be there to discuss illustrating books and doing covers. This year we will welcome Gerhard Maroscher and Tom Harker. Mr. Maroscher’s book is about growing up in World War II Europe. Mr. Harker, known as the Ukulele Man, has a book that is a song book for the ukulele.

We are hoping that Christophe Rodriguez will be providing music on his guitar for our listening pleasure. Gary Dean of HER Reality has agreed to provide refreshments. There will be door prizes. (Don’t hold your breath that Spam will be any one of these.)

The event will be at Studio One of Circleville located at 250 East Franklin Street, Circleville, Ohio 43113. Authors will be there from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. There will be readings and Q & A’s and lots of meet and greets. Books will be availiable to buy and get signed by the author.


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