About the Book

Promises, indie pub, book, author, writing, Christ, Christian, fiction, historical, themeOnnua and Eunice promise that no matter where life leads, they will always be friends. But fate has them marrying mortal enemies. Eunice, small and beautiful, marries the Pharisee, Amos. Onnua, tall and plain, is chosen by Zaccheus, tax collector for Rome. Their lives take very different paths and their husbands’ hate keeps them apart.  Eunice is forbidden to speak to the Publican’s wife. Then a Prophet arises in Israel. This prophet speaks like no one since Moses. And Zaccheus brings Jesus, the Prophet, home for dinner.

Is Jesus the long awaited Messiah? Will His visit change Zaccheus or Amos? What of the promise made by Onnua and Eunice? Promises is filled with delightfully real people, struggles we still share today, and a story of friendship and love that spans a lifetime.


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