About the Author

I believe my faith in Jesus Christ and my passion concerning His gift for each of us comes alive in my writing.

cat, author, Susan Perkins, Christ, Christian, fictionHello, I’m Susan and welcome to my blog. Here I hope to share some of my insights, thoughts, beliefs and, well, self, with you.

My book Promises is a story of friendship and love, filled with life-like characters as well as struggles that are still common and prevalent in today’s society. As young friends, Onnua and Eunice promise that no matter where life leads, they will remain friends. But

their lives take drastically different paths as they marry men who are mortal enemies. As a result, Onnua and Eunice are forbidden from speaking or seeing each other. Through their journey, they both find Jesus and must decide as individuals whether or not he is indeed Christ. Themes of love, friendship and families are explored as the main characters must figure out what Christ means to them, how He will impact their lives, and what influence He will have on their religious communities and personal beliefs.

The characters in Promises are loosely based on people in my life. My education and experience in my local church gave me insights that led to the writing of Promises. It is a story about searching yourself, making difficult decisions and deciding, “Is Jesus the Christ?” Perkins had to decide this for herself. My characters must decide this for themselves, just as I did.


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